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Monitor call history - Find the best call monitor app for track & monitor employees inbound and outbound calls history, get valuable insight to boost your company with us! Download now app.

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Boost your company with Call Monitor
demo-screenYou give your employees phones for many reasons. You need to keep in touch with your staff, talk to them and share work information with them. They in turn need phones to get work information, talk to you and also to talk to and engage with their clients. You cannot monitor every little step your employee takes, and you aim for a relationship of trust, but it is important to monitor certain aspects of their work, thereby protecting your company. Call Monitor connects you with your employees phones and gives statistics regarding each employees performance, making sure your employees handle the calls more effectively which is essential in building company reputation and boosting sales.

With Call Monitor you can monitor the history of your employee’s phone calls. You will get a Call Log where you can see the outgoing and incoming calls, missed calls and received calls. You will be able to look at the statistics on a daily basis and will be able to gauge how promptly your employees answer the calls, and the time is spent on each call and how much time is spent on personal phone call. You will also be able to list your most frequent customers based on number of calls and call durations. Not mention the monthly progress and amount of calls received per month and the total call durations. All data which an employer may use to improve company performance.

Designed and Equipped with Call Tracking and Call Monitoring Features
Track undeletable call history, get performance data for each employee, on the go!

Track your Employee’s Call Logs
Call Monitor allows you to track your employee’s phone calls at all times of the day and night. You can see who your staff members phone and when they make the phone calls. You can separate business calls from personal calls. With Call Monitor’s call log, you are able to see the phone calls made and received, and keep track of how much time your staff member is spending on actual work or actual play. Call Monitor enables you to ensure that your staff members are productive during their work hours and do not use their company phone inappropriately.

Undeletable Call History
The Call Monitor system tracks all the records of incoming and outgoing phone calls. The employee is unable to delete the records. Whether you check daily, or every few days, the employer (you) will always be able to see the records of such phone calls. Many employees think they can make a couple of personal phone calls every day and then delete the records. With Call Monitor, nobody can delete the records. Personal calls waste time and can be hugely detrimental to your business.

Call Statistics and Information about your Customers
Ability to see the outgoing and incoming calls, missed calls and received calls. You will be able to see the telephone numbers, customer names, and amount of calls each customer had given or received. View historical data with each customer. In addition to the duration of each call and the historical durations per customer. You will also get monthly progress reports that show an increase or decrease in calls, for each month.

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